“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” - Henry Ford

Business Broker

Simon Herrera is a Business Broker in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Simon has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life. Along with a successful stint as a competitive boxer, he trained, managed, and promoted boxers around the US and the world. He also mentored under renowned M&A legend Dan Pena and has experience brokering businesses in the Tech, Automotive, and mortgage businesses to name a few.


  • Having over 7 years in mortgage banking has a good knowledge of working with banks. 
  • With over 5 years working in the business broker industry, Simon presents knowledge behind every decision he makes.
  • Prior to his corporate career, Simon had an extensive career of over 20 years boxing in the boxing industry. Both as a fighter and a promoter.


  • BS in General Studies from Henry Ford College

Simon has been married for 3 years and has 2 daughters. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and lived their for the beginning of his life until moving all across the world gaining life experiences that have been crucial to his success in life.  

Simon’s life experience, grit, and straight forward personality are all keys to his success. He presents to any business owner that works with him a well-rounded understanding of business and a hunger to succeed. Quitting and failure is not an option. Simon understands what it takes to be successful. Simon loves to work with business owners to discuss the best route would be best for both him and the business owner. His experiences gives him a great understanding with how to work with people and get the most for their business.